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Marek STACHOWSKI (born in Piekary Śląskie on March 21st, 1936; died in Krakow on December 3rd, 2004) composer, music theorist and pedagogue. He began his education in 1952 at the Primary Music School in Cracow, in Stanisław Czerny’s piano class. Since 1954 he continued practicing playing piano at the State Secondary Music School in Cracow (still under Stanisław Czerny). Initially he studied music theory at Cracow’s State Higher School of Music. In 1963 he began to study composition under Krzysztof Penderecki. After receiving his diploma in 1968, he began didactic work at his alma mater. In 1975 he taught composition at Yale University, USA. In the following years, he conducted many courses and composition seminars (i.e. at Durham University, Great Britain 1978; in Bilthoven, Holland 1979; in Amsterdam at the Gaudeamus Foundation Festival 1984; at Rubin Academy of Music and dance in Jerusalem 1987; several times at Royal Academy of Music in London; at Cardiff University; at Bristol University, and many others). In 1985 he was a moderator at the International Summer Courses for young composers in Kazimierz Dolny by the Vistula. During 1970-1979 he had been delivering lectures at Musicology Department of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. From 1979 he conducted composition classes at Cracow Music Academy. Through 1993-1999 he held a provost post at this same Academy (serving two terms in a row). In 2002 he was reelected and held the post till his death.

Marek Stachowski is one of the most prominent Polish composers of the last quarter-century. His artistic output of about fifty published compositions, holds a special place in the modern history of music in Poland.

Author: Maciej Jablonski, Kraków (2011); translated by: Agnieszka Gregorczuk